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Phone Number: (951) 674-9930

Friday, January 18, 2019

Our Services

Offering the following

Professional Services

  • Site Surveys to determine if your project will require any special conditions before finalizing your lease.

  • Utility Investigation determining if the proper services are available with minimum expense.

  • Design and Engineering, we bring your ideas to the drawing board along will any related services required for a complete project.

  • Expediting your final plans through government agencies to permitting.

  • Construction of the Project Always Providing

    • Quality Materials

    • Trained Professional Labor

    • Experienced Subcontractors

    • Professional Management

  • Servicing your business with ours.


Gary Maddox Construction Inc
10133 Meadow Glen Way East, Escondido, California 92026, US

Telephone: (951) 674-9930  Cell Phone: (909) 262-5445

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